UNICEF Tap Project


Okay, so this is an incredible opportunity for us to do our bit  for charity and you don’t have to spend a penny.

In a bid to provide water to some of the worlds poorest children, UNICEF have paired up with companies like Giorgio Armani fragrances to bring us a challenge.

Water is a necessity, something everybody needs to survive, but one thing we don’t need, and yet most would say they couldn’t live without, is our phone.

So what you do and what it’s all about:

Click on the link above (using your phone) and all you have to do is leave your phone alone. That’s it. Put your phone down and don’t touch it; for every ten minutes you leave your phone alone for, a day supply of water for a third world child will be provided. The web page will start counting once your phone is still.

You can leave your phone whilst it’s charging, or even overnight. Just leave the screen on. You don’t use it whilst you’re sleeping so why let a child die from unsanitary water whilst you rest your head? If you sleep for the average 8 hours, then you will be earning 48 days worth of water for a child. And thats without even lifting a finger (or a phone). 

Plus, the page gives you facts as it’s counting and it tells you who and where is holding the record for leaving their phone the longest. Admittedly, i’m getting slightly competitive. 

So do your part. It’s not hard, it doesn’t cost you a thing but you’ll be saving lives. 

Your phone has a value that reduces the older it gets.

A dying child’s life is priceless no matter what their age.