That’s just sick…

Before I even begin writing this article, I would just like to make the point that I am a little monster but just because I love my queen, doesn’t mean I have to like her antics. 

Recently, on stage Lady Gaga performed her song Swine by roasting herself on a fake BBQ and with dancers tending to the…erm…meat.

To be fair,  this would have been a great opportunity to take her meat dress out of her very large, skeleton filled closet. 

However, though the above could be interpreted as out of the box creativity (Andy Warhol once said “Art is what you can get away with”) what came next is truly stomach turning.

Gaga went truly gaga when ‘vomit artist’ Millie Brown put her fingers down her throat and puke all over the singer.


If you’re wondering what kind of women throws up green sick, don’t panic! Gaga hasn’t found herself a real monster, no. She consumed green soy milk before the “performance.” Ooh doesn’t it go with Gaga’s eyes?

I’ve always been a big fan of the stars’ outlandish outfits and outspoken political views but this is, well, just sick; it begs the question: how far will she go in the name of ‘art’ and if she continues to perform in such ways, it’s only a matter of time before   her fans get the wrong ideas.

Demi Lovato has been extremely outspoken in regards to this revolting act, expressing that she feels it ‘glamourises eating disorders’ and I have to say I agree. Both musicians suffered from eating disorders, yet where Demi has chosen to use her experience as a life lesson. Gaga seems to have gone the opposite way. 

Demi added that if this is how Lady Gaga chooses to set an example for her fans then surely she is hypocritical regarding her own practises. 

Gaga is famed for her speeches on equality and acceptance of other, yet she gilds disorders like Bulimia that have torn peoples lives apart, as often people turn to extremes like these to conform to society and they have the often misguided ideology that it makes them more socially acceptable. 

Demi also wrote: “If I do a speech about self-harm [can I] then proceed to watch someone cut themselves on my stage? No.” So why does Gaga feel justified in doing this herself? 

As talented and beautiful as Stephanie Germanotta is, sometimes I think Lady Gaga is not a role model to be looked up to. Her songs are bewitching, her outfits are confident but the girl underneath that she used to be needs to find her way back. 

I adore her (for now continue to be a little monster) and yet I can’t help but feel she’s selling herself short of how truly incredible she can be.