Is Patriotism Dead?

Wednesday was the mother of all celebration days for us English folk with the majority of the country waking up with dreadful hangovers the next morning; the sign of a good night!

In America especially, the British have a (well-earned) reputation for liking a good old booze up and what better excuse is there for one than our national celebration holiday: St George’s Day!

However, rather than a hangover thursday morning, some people woke feeling more than slightly disgruntled at the lack of patriotism some individuals seem to have.

Wetherspoons. A national chain of pubs that has been serving pub-grub for years but on Wednesday it served something more questionable than its usual food to customers when they refused to fly St George’s flag. Instead, they flew Union Jacks in a bid to, in their words, avoid any offence that may otherwise be caused.

What an outrage!

Surely the offence it MAY cause by putting up St George’s flag is lesser than the INEVITABLE offence it caused not to.

Who are these people who may get offended? Religious groups? Immigrants to this country?

I am genuinely confused. If people chose to move to this country then it is ridiculous for them to get offended by our culture and perhaps its more offensive to presume they will find it opprobrious.

Besides, no one has any issues when Ireland celebrate St Patricks day and instead, its seen as a good revenue to give the economy a boost for the day.

No other country in the world would change aspects of their culture in this way, simply to please the minority that have moved to their country and it’s unreasonable to expect us to. Any country’s heritage is important to them and we should not compromise the way we live in fear of offending another.

Racism is out of the question completely but celebrating our national day is not racist at all. Nor is it discriminating against those of other religions/cultures.  Other peoples ways of life should be respected as it is our differences that make us beautiful. I have absolutely no objection to someone else’s beliefs. I see no problem if someone may want to walk down the street wearing a hijab or if an immigrant from Spain, for example, may cook themselves a Spanish dish rather than a traditional English one.

So why, should we be prohibited to celebrate our own day in this country when we supposedly are an equal society. Personally, I know no one, whether of British Christian descent or  not, who would get offended over such a trivial thing. I am certainly not religious but if someone wants to have a drink to St George because their faith endows him to, then they are well within their right to do so.

If anyone wants to comment, please feel free to have a debate. I just ask for no serious arguing or mud slinging. It’s merely meant to be a point of discussion to clear up my confusion. Is Wetherspoons in the wrong or are their actions completely justified?

In no way is this attacking anyone, as I believe freedom is a two way street, but if anyone would be offended with the flying of St George’s flag, please join in, I’m genuinely interested in what peoples views are.


Will it ever re-lent.


I’m really confused. There’s chocolate eggs everywhere, toy bunnies on sale and quite a few christians in the street, gathering in lovely bubbles of religiousness.

Yet, I forgot why…

…only joking…

…as if anyone could.

We’re pretty much slapped in the face by invisible people (as soon as we walk out our front doors) screaming: “It’s Easter, it’s Easter! Guess what? Bet you can’t guess! It’s Easter!”

And, I have to say that the Easter Bunny bit me hard. I’m looking forward to it this year and I’ve already bought the family their eggs (I hope they don’t read this. That would  be a surprise killer.)

But before any of that is Lent and I decided this time I would give something up and stick with it.


I gave up all fizzy drinks and do you want to know something? Since doing so, I’ve actually put on weight.


I’m going to over indulge on the fizzy stuff when Lent is over and stuff my face with as much chocolate (vegetarian/fair trade/animal-testing free) as my cheeks will allow.

I also bet that those scales will go the other way as well just to see me cry…