Post Traumatic Sherlock Disorder

Its been two months since sherlock both started and finished.
My life just feels empty.

Things have become so desperate for me that ive resorted to googling all sorts of fanfiction.

Atleast, even if I dont read them, I have something to wipe away the tears at night…



Okay, so after my rant earlier, u friend apologised and now we are as good as ever. Just wish i had that jammy vic sponge now ive mentioned it…


There are so many things in life that annoy me: University fee’s, taxes, Michael Gove, diets, Michael Gove, fat-free chocolate cake and of course, Michael Gove.

But the one thing that angers me above all else is being taken for granted. I’m so furious I could refuse a Victoria Sponge (‘could,’ I never really would) and I am actually shaking.


My best friend for many years has been having issues and i’ve been there the whole way, i’ve even offered to go with her to appointments but now, when i’ve expressed my concern she’s thrown it back in my face and told me that SHE is annoyed with ME and I need to mind my own business.

Well that is what I will be doing from now on, watching from afar! That way, there won’t be any more arguments and I won’t be inclined to say things to her face which I then may regret. I mean, it’s really difficult to decide which of the two faces anyway.

If supporting and being there for someone is not being a friend, then I admit I have no clue what one is.

To my little disciples!

I’ve realised that out of politeness, people seem to message me when I follow their most awesome blogs!

However, this has one downside: I feel impertinent that I don’t tend to do this myself.

I could tell you all to stop making me feel so atrocious, that it’s just meanishness (I’m aware this isn’t a word but it’s my blog, Im allowed to make them up. Ooh maybe this little neologism *cough*creation of my genius*cough* will make it into the OED! You never know do you?) and anyway your consideration is of theupmost selfishness!

But I won’t.

Instead, I’m going to make one generic message to tell you all (present and future followers/viewers and fellow weirdoes) thank you and that your contributions and follows of my page are very well appreciated.

Much love and wishes of happy blogging x x x


P.S Future followers please don’t be put off by my peculiarity, I’m not always like this.

P.S.S Equally, future followers who are also quite eccentric please don’t get put off either, it’s a very dynamic blog!

Anyhoo, Much love…x x x

RIP to the one you used to be…

To my Uncle: I wrote this after he lost a long battle with cancer, it was read at his funeral. Hope you are at peace now, we miss you and I thought I’d remind you to not forget Beanie’s birthday (his wife), she’s 60 in two weeks.

I wish thee peace,

And I wish thee blessed,

The golden sun,

Shall be your bed of rest,

I wish thee well,

On thy one last journey,

On thy way,

Toward your destiny,

I wish thee peace,

To thee good day,

In our hearts and souls,

Thee is to forever stay.

Benedict and Meme

I feel I have been neglecting poor Benny as I have not posted something in a while.

However, after the Oscars the other night I felt I must comment on the child that was running wild around the ceremonies: Mr Cumberbatch.

Excluding the heart-warming moment when he cried at the speech made by Lupita Nyong’o, I needed to drink numerous bottles of water just to keep my own tears flowing. And as if that weren’t enough: he also photobombed U2!

Photobombing a person is highly entertaining and he did it most extraordinarily.

Now there are hundreds of meme’s floating around, here are just a few of my favourites:


The newspapers were right all along. I want you to tell Lestrade, I want you to tell Mrs Hudson and Molly. In fact, tell anyone who will listen to you. That I photobombed your picture for my own purposes…


Who’d have thought you’d see Ben’s mug here…


13 Disciples?


A day in the life of Benedict…

The Fly

 Your luck my dear is nought but lies,

For your flea, a close relative of flies,

They do but dream of being free,

I am tied to no one, not even thee,

Love is a fierce feeling we share,

Yet to go further would leave my heart bare,

Tiny legs flies have to flee their fears,

My voice is my power against you dear,

But still it falls upon deaf ears.

You’re met by such hating chagrin,

To take my soul, I consider it sin,

From animals fleas all but feed,

It angers the beast, fuelling hungry need,

To scratch the itch by biting back,

Such empathy is a thing that you lack,

The flea is just your poor disguise,

To hide your tears, the dark drapes lonely eyes,

Forever love I dry your cries.

Lust is the weakness of mankind,

It owns your heart and clouds your blessed mind.

Baring its teeth our blood it drinks,

Our souls entwined are a beauteous mix,

With you to the end, I pray,

Forever, my love, together to stay,

We’ll tie our love on heavens sand,

Our spirits will walk hand in perfect hand,

We’ll dance in peace above the land.

(This poem is my own creative response to John Donne’s: The Flea, no copyright infringement intended.)