Silence of the Poor Little Lamb.

No more!

I’ve had enough!

I’m thoughtful enough to show sympathy when people are ill. I say “Bless you” when they sneeze even though they probably just sneezed all over me. I give them sanitizer so that they don’t have to walk around with germy hands and what do these ungrateful people do? They give me their sore throats, their ear ache and they give me their snuffly noses.

3 Days! 3 Days I’ve had of barely saying a word because my throat is so painful and for a chatterbox like me, this is a big deal.

Oh, let them wait.

When I get my voice back, there will be no shutting me up.

They better get their earplugs ready.


3 thoughts on “Silence of the Poor Little Lamb.

  1. My husband has a suppressed immune system so he catches everything. I cringe whenever we’re out in public and around someone obviously ill. Ginger lemon tea with a bit of honey.

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