Will it ever re-lent.


I’m really confused. There’s chocolate eggs everywhere, toy bunnies on sale and quite a few christians in the street, gathering in lovely bubbles of religiousness.

Yet, I forgot why…

…only joking…

…as if anyone could.

We’re pretty much slapped in the face by invisible people (as soon as we walk out our front doors) screaming: “It’s Easter, it’s Easter! Guess what? Bet you can’t guess! It’s Easter!”

And, I have to say that the Easter Bunny bit me hard. I’m looking forward to it this year and I’ve already bought the family their eggs (I hope they don’t read this. That would  be a surprise killer.)

But before any of that is Lent and I decided this time I would give something up and stick with it.


I gave up all fizzy drinks and do you want to know something? Since doing so, I’ve actually put on weight.


I’m going to over indulge on the fizzy stuff when Lent is over and stuff my face with as much chocolate (vegetarian/fair trade/animal-testing free) as my cheeks will allow.

I also bet that those scales will go the other way as well just to see me cry…


4 thoughts on “Will it ever re-lent.

  1. The concept of Lent fascinates me rather like nasty earwigs fascinate me. I can’t stand them but can’t not look. There’s such a long history of fasting, purging, giving up things, almost like we feel the need to punish ourselves. But I don’t think Lent was intended as punishment. Maybe a test of the strength of devotion or commitment? I don’t know. I read this and have tried to think what I would give up if I were to do this. What could I live without for six weeks? Work comes to mind. The snow that is falling outside. Probably not what Lent was meant to be. Either way, I’m not giving up the Cadbury caramel eggs. Keep us posted on how you do with the lack of fizzy drinks!

    • Im not religious, i just thought that maybe if i could do this one little thing that i never thought i could, then i could never use the excuse: i can’t. Sounds a little stupid but ive never believed in myself much, so this can be something i use
      Although work sounds a much better plan than fizzy drinks 😉

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