There are so many things in life that annoy me: University fee’s, taxes, Michael Gove, diets, Michael Gove, fat-free chocolate cake and of course, Michael Gove.

But the one thing that angers me above all else is being taken for granted. I’m so furious I could refuse a Victoria Sponge (‘could,’ I never really would) and I am actually shaking.


My best friend for many years has been having issues and i’ve been there the whole way, i’ve even offered to go with her to appointments but now, when i’ve expressed my concern she’s thrown it back in my face and told me that SHE is annoyed with ME and I need to mind my own business.

Well that is what I will be doing from now on, watching from afar! That way, there won’t be any more arguments and I won’t be inclined to say things to her face which I then may regret. I mean, it’s really difficult to decide which of the two faces anyway.

If supporting and being there for someone is not being a friend, then I admit I have no clue what one is.

4 thoughts on “Frenemy

  1. Well … this has really got right under your skin, but it’s just human naychooer, Deanna ! And what’s more, you know that perfectly well. People are unreliable. They behave in ways we don’t comprehend, for reasons ditto. Bet you do it too, de temps en temps … Middle finger up, m’dear. Walk away.

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