To my little disciples!

I’ve realised that out of politeness, people seem to message me when I follow their most awesome blogs!

However, this has one downside: I feel impertinent that I don’t tend to do this myself.

I could tell you all to stop making me feel so atrocious, that it’s just meanishness (I’m aware this isn’t a word but it’s my blog, Im allowed to make them up. Ooh maybe this little neologism *cough*creation of my genius*cough* will make it into the OED! You never know do you?) and anyway your consideration is of theupmost selfishness!

But I won’t.

Instead, I’m going to make one generic message to tell you all (present and future followers/viewers and fellow weirdoes) thank you and that your contributions and follows of my page are very well appreciated.

Much love and wishes of happy blogging x x x


P.S Future followers please don’t be put off by my peculiarity, I’m not always like this.

P.S.S Equally, future followers who are also quite eccentric please don’t get put off either, it’s a very dynamic blog!

Anyhoo, Much love…x x x

9 thoughts on “To my little disciples!

  1. I dig this. I’ve also often felt atrocious over the same thing, but I commend you on covering all the bases with a generic and yet heartfelt seeming post on this issue. 🙂

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