RIP to the one you used to be…

To my Uncle: I wrote this after he lost a long battle with cancer, it was read at his funeral. Hope you are at peace now, we miss you and I thought I’d remind you to not forget Beanie’s birthday (his wife), she’s 60 in two weeks.

I wish thee peace,

And I wish thee blessed,

The golden sun,

Shall be your bed of rest,

I wish thee well,

On thy one last journey,

On thy way,

Toward your destiny,

I wish thee peace,

To thee good day,

In our hearts and souls,

Thee is to forever stay.

7 thoughts on “RIP to the one you used to be…

  1. Remembering when they are gone is hard. But you know what? If I was the one that had left, I would have wanted that poem read to go with me on that journey.Wherever your uncle is on his path, whatever his beliefs were, I have a feeling those words are with him, along with his memories of you. And your poem was also an amazing gift for those who were left behind.

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