12 thoughts on “More yummy than cake…Is this possible?

      • I forgot to say, Deanna, that I’m a big fan of Martin Freeman’s; so we’re already ahead in liking the main rΓ΄le players. Just a matter of the script, now …

      • Me too, he’s a wonderful actor πŸ™‚ don’t worry, the writing is what makes the show so brilliant, it’s as if it were designed for Martin and Benedict themselves. Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat: they’re literary genius’!

      • Of course! Doctor who is my second favourite program! Cant wait for the next series and Peter capaldi, I do always forgot that we’re the first country who see them though, so ill have to try to not blog spoilers (sweetie) πŸ˜‰

      • OK – watched the first disk last night. Two episodes. LOVED it. What else? As there are only two disks in the set,must assume there are only [gasp!] four episodes in the series? WOT??? Hardly a series, eh? 😦
        Unhappily, as with every single DVD I have from the BBC – which are legion! – the audio quality is poor, and I miss a lot of dialogue. Doesn’t matter, mostly … but I really must ask someone about getting headphones for the Bravia so that this stops. I can see my shekels going on the rest that are available – how many, Deanna?
        I love Peter Capaldi, too; and have done so since “Local Hero” – probably before your time, for he was just a young bloke. As for Malcolm … [grin]

      • Sorry, afraid there are actually 3 episodes a season, not 4 (altogether there are 9 episodes so far- I assume you were asking how any there were as I’m not completely sure what shekels are (I know it as an ancient Jewish coin?) ) Omg I’m really glad you liked it! They are brilliant! you know what I hate most about the bbc most though? it’s the ridiculously long titles at the beginning that you cant skip through.
        Hmm, I’m going to start In the thick of it, recommended for it’s comedic value apparently?

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