Brain like a seive full of flour

After pledging my commitment, I forgot all about it!

I said I would try to post some kind of cake recipe everyday but instead of creating a blog full of cake goodness, I’ve found myself eating them instead.

I do, however, have this really great brownie recipe that simply is delicious.

It was originally from a Cadbury recipe book but after Kraft took over (it’s questionable whether or not the ingredients are currently tested on animals- they never used to be but Kraft are publically notorious for it) and I realised that the recipe actually required just over HALF A KILO of chocolate, I did make a some slight adjustments.

Instead I use a considerably smaller amount of the gooey stuff and all chocolate I use is testing free; I also found that with the sweetness of the chocolate, you don’t even need the sugar really except for the rich depth of flavour.

So, I will post it tomorrow for all who worship the devilish stuff and in the meantime drool over the thought of one of those gooey, oozy, chocolaty, chunky brownies.

Hmm, I wonder if we have any eggs?

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