Im going out of my machine!


You cannot imagine the hours I have spent staring at black screens and biting my thumb to stop myself throwing my laptop/phone/monitor out the window. I’ve been chatting to the lovely Margaret Rose who shares my opinion that technology will one day make us obsolete (Yes, I do realise the irony that I am using a laptop to write this).

I have written my own book the old fashioned way: BY PUTTING PEN TO PAPER, and it’s taking my forever to write it up on the computer just so its easier to send my script to publishers around the country, even though it will be most likely rejected regardless of the media used.

I just wanted to get this out because it seems that in this world of metal and machine, people are using their heads less and less.

Please just remember, a computer does not invent things. It does not cure illness nor does it hold all the qualities and personality of a fellow human. It is a way to download thought onto a screen, for visionaries to see their world and pick it apart.

A computer is only as smart as the person who creates it and in my opinion, no matter what fancy gizmos it has attached, every single one is therefore still in the stone age.

A brain is powerful, so bloody use it!

8 thoughts on “Im going out of my machine!

  1. This is TOTALLY sensible. I am as one with you on this, and will defend to the death our right to be as much like so-called ‘luddites’ as we wish, Deanna. (Or are you like me, and prefer both parts of your name, Deanna-Cian? Just say the word!)
    Happily, I suspect that this blog and its ilk are read by those who actually do use their brains – although a bit of a kick up the (_|_) never did anyone any harm).

  2. I would defer on this, though I prefer using pen and paper over computers for writing. What your post implied was people using computers are not using their brains…just a simple example code your own website and don’t use WordPress and you will understand what people who work on these gadgets do for you all. It’s an insult for people who are working to give you a better platform. You have got the whole blog coded for you…do you know how many hours of hard work goes into this? The simple word document that you use has taken years of work to be developed.As you want respect for your work, please respect the work other people. 🙂

    • It was not to insult anyone. I was simply stating that there’s becoming less and less manual labour in the workplace because machinery is taking over and jobs are often cut because workers are not needed. It was also implying that computers are often used for less than necessary and creative things (Not a single mention of WordPress at all or any other firms/organisations that use the internet and relevant devices) such as social media sites. Sites that require less and less human interaction and more about posting little bits that sometimes tend to be more harmful than good. I appreciate the advances technology has meant for us but often people digitalise things that are simply digitalised for the sake of it.

      • Maybe in some situations which I do accept but I just wanted to tell you that for every digitization process to be possible there are hundreds of programmers who work day and night to make it successful and they are actually working really hard to do it. 🙂 😀

      • That was my point though. The reference to using your brain was a statement that a computer is only as smart as the person who created it and I was trying to portray that people should use their heads to realise that it is the person who is smart and the machine is simply a product of that genius. My respect for them is perfectly clear but sometimes my sarcasm is not. I apologise for any insult taken, this was not my intention(one definite issue with technology: paralinguistics and intonation is not read due to mutual invisibility so a comment may easily be read out of context) I was just simply voicing my opinion that I prefer the rawness of pen to paper and I think that its not the machines ingenuity that ought to be praised but the creator of the thing itself.

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