The Cake Pigeon

I love cake.

And I love Sarah Millican.

But I love cake more.

Live at the Apollo has housed some incredible comedic talent in its’ day and one who has performed there on numerous occasions is the one and only Sarah Millican; she’s just wonderful pet.


Her hilarious tales on the everyday life of a 30 year old divorcee who’s slightly overweight exterior has got her into some hefty (but funny) situations has me in fits of raucous hysterics.

One joke that particularly tickled me was one she made about cake (something I am somewhat familiar with myself) so I just had to share it and spread the laughter (and the buttercream) around for everyone:

“So, er, I’ve got a new nickname. I haven’t had a nickname before- I’ve been called things but that’s different. No, my nickname’s the cake pigeon.

Because, whenever I walk past a cake shop…haha…walk past…

…Whenever I press myself up against a cake shop, I go: Oooooooooh.”

(No copyright intended.)

Ah Sarah, it’s as if we were separated at birth and I was frozen then woken up again fifteen years later; kind of like that Sarah Lee Gateau that’s defrosting on my kitchen counter.

I jumped around with delight when I found it at the bottom of the freezer. I mean, its years since they were discontinued and it’s slightly freezer burnt, but other than that it’s just champion, pet.

6 thoughts on “The Cake Pigeon

  1. ME TOO! – I think she’s GREAT! I first saw her on Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Circus, and then she started popping up on WILTY, and I love every minute of her. How lucky are you to be able to go and see her?!
    GRRRRrrrrrrrr …

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