Chocolate/Syrup/Whatever flavour you want cake.

So, this is a microwaveable pudding because I’m lazy and when I get a craving, I want a cake that will rise to the size of a house but still make my thighs feel even heavier than before (if possible).

Oh and it’s vegan.


4 Tbsp Self Raising Flour +Β 2 Tbsp Sugar (adjust to sweetness preference)

Mix together.

+ 4 Tbsp soy milk (or plain milk if immoral πŸ˜‰

+ 4 Tbsp Vegetable oil (or knob of butter if…(see above)

Mix all this together to get your batter, if too thick then add more milk. If you are going for a syrup sponge then pop in the microwave until cooked through.

If you’re going for a chocolate sponge then add some good quality cocoa powderΒ (the more the better) or add melted cooking chocolate and adjust the flour content slightly. Pour half of mix into microwaveable cup and in the middle pop some squares of cooking chocolate to make melt in the middle pudding. Pour over the rest of the mix and microwave.

Back to the plain sponge, take out and add syrup to your hearts delight.pudding_narrowweb__300x434,0

(Might not look exactly like above).

I really enjoyed this pudding. It might be, like, a zillion calories but it’s sweet and makes you feel guilty so stop complaining. Life couldn’t be better!

14 thoughts on “Chocolate/Syrup/Whatever flavour you want cake.

  1. Now, I’m not usually much for cake or pudding, but I saw the word “vegan” and got all excited. I love learning new vegan recipes. P.S. I just adore your sense of humour and your writing style, very entertaining. Really enjoying your blog, wonderful! A most gruntling Valentines to you, and best wishes,

    -a smiling toad

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