Chef of the year (that’s me)

Okay, everyone knows that I am slightly fond of the spongey stuff, so I’ve decided that everyday (meaning, when I get round to it) I’m going to post a recipe that I have made up/read/tried (Yes, I am admitting now that they may be someone else’s recipes so please don’t sue me. Seriously. I’m a student and I’m broke).

They might have been a disaster when attempted or they may have been a masterpiece (obviously-wink face) but either way, they’re cake, so stuff some in and shut your mouth (no-one likes someone who chews with their mouth open).


Or don’t.

Honestly, some were miserable disasters.


3 thoughts on “Chef of the year (that’s me)

  1. Looking forward to recipes for spongy stuff. I can’t cook without a recipe. Hope these will have ingredients I can pronounce and don’t have to find a big city to purchase! (yes, that happens regularly…)

    • Exactly! It’s always molasses this and exotic ingredients that. Being from England, we like simple homely food that you’d find in an everyday cupboard 🙂 nothing fancy here 😛

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