Trial of the ludicrous

After responding to a crash in Southern California, a FIREFIGHTER was arrested when he refused to move his vehicle out of a traffic lane when requested to do so by a police officer.


Though he did so for safety reasons, it makes me wonder whether we really can put total faith in our police forces.

Only the other week, in my home town of Blackpool, an officer tried turning his van around and instead of responding to a call, he ended up mounting one of the many artistic features dotted along the promenade.


To be completely fair, the balls do resemble giant Maltesers and are just a waste of the council’s money; whatever damage the officer did to it was probably an aesthetic improvement.

But it does make you think though. If someone who’s employed to keep us safe is able to make a mistake like running over an iron ball that big, I dread to think of what they’d do when responding to a more serious crime.

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