Chicken???!!! I’m a Vegetarian!!!

2 Years ago, I became a vegetarian and decided to cut out meat and fish for good. In doing so, I lost half a stone (Pat myself on the back) and found myself appreciating things more when driving through country roads. No longer do I look into the fields, see a cow or chicken and think: “Haha! You’re going to be on my plate tonight!”

No, instead I look at them and think “One of you might have an extra day or so to run around now; you owe me and one day I will collect How? I’m not sure but I will think of something, I’m having an imaginary conversation with a chicken after all!”

But, after much reflecting I’ve realised that though i have cut out the chicken, I am one myself.

I realised this after some deep thinking and meditation (my friends nagged me about it and I pretended to listen. It was bloody hard work!).

The guy that I’ve liked for a while is (dare I say it?): single, and I am too, so why is it so hard for me to say something (FYI, I definitely do not know this from stalking his fb page)?

I guess I should just suck it up and grow some chicken nuggets.


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