To borrow a quote from ‘Friends:’ It’s a wonder that Justin Bieber doesn’t fall down more.

You’d think that with so much to lose, his antics would revolve around being a halfway decent role model to his fans. Instead he drinks and drives, apparently makes a habit of biting the nipples of strippers (and I would like to point out that strippers cannot be touched by customers, so was she really who she said she was? Hmm…) and he has even spat off a balcony at the people who’d spent their hard earned money to see him.  (Why? You’d have to ask a shrink on that one.)

And now, the cherry to go on top of the many tiered, thoroughly iced cake (mmmm cake): Miley Cyrus has criticised him for HIS behaviour, saying “he should party in private.”

Well, is it acceptable to point out the irony there? That many were disgusted when she revealed her own private parties on national television whilst riding a very large wrecking ball (euphemism anyone?).


And with all this going on, another “celeb” has got me questioning the sanity of the stars. Taylor Swifts’ frankly weird dancing and head bashing had me scared of her giving herself a concussion when she performed her new song at the Grammys.


There goes the head.


And the hair.



She reorientates herself.



Oh the poor thing, she looks confused about her own, erm, ‘dancing’.

I sometimes miss the good old days when all that was on T.V were badly dressed girl groups doing nothing but chant annoying lyrics on a badly composed but fun looking set: “So tell me what you want, what you really really want.”

“I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want…”

A tissue.

2 thoughts on “Cele-brat-ies

  1. “Celebrities” use shock tactics to keep their name in the spotlight. If the media quit giving them air time for these stunts, do you think they would continue to do them? Even Cyrus’ father got into the act by releasing a hip-hop version of his stupid song “Achy Breaky Heart”.

    • The song is stupid, yes, however it’s given me quite a cheering up it is that terrible. But I particularly love his reference to Miley; it makes you wonder what he really thinks about her-shall we say “risky” antics.

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