Hours getting longer, childhood getting shorter.


After having a very in depth discussion the other day with a friend about certain injudicious policies that the government have introduced, it struck me that I was possibly being too judge-mental.

Now I know for sure that the government is possibly even more short-sighted and misinformed than I first thought.

Plastered all over the front cover of today’s Sun is the headline : Detention For All, whereby…wait for it…Tory Paul Kirby has proposed that school holidays be slashed to 7 weeks a year and children must stay in school from 9 in the morning to six o’clock at night (longer than an average days work).

Erm, were you playing dares when you came up with this Kirby?

You expect children from the age of five to work solid for 9 hours? Hmm, I’m pretty that is called child labour!

In all seriousness, the policy is preposterous. The government have said it will cut childcare costs, reduce after-school crime and let millions of mums work (We’ll just disregard the outrageous sexism in that quote…for now…).

Yet, they have not stopped to even consider those who will be most affected by this: the children! As a student myself I know exactly how much pressure we are all under to get halfway decent grades for university’s to even consider you. You have to funnel thousands of pounds to pay for further education and work those muscles to drag around a voluptuous amount of debt for the rest of your working life!

But to get to that point, you have to get through school first and let me tell you, it ain’t a picnic. The workload is crippling and this along, with the hours you already have to study for, the people you have to work with and the homework you are given, it’s a wonder mortality rates for children have decreased over the years.

For once, I am not being sarcastic. The new rules they wish to implement are nothing short of barbaric. Childhood is getting shorter by the day and someone needs to stand up and point out the truth. Though the world may revolve around money, it is THE PEOPLE who earn and spend it and we are the next generation. We wish to be heard when we speak out and let me tell you, we disagree with you!

How can you even consider such a law? Already children are bowing to the pressure that is put on them by their parents and the government; in most cases, and I will admit this myself, the ones who put the most pressure on the children is the children themselves.

The government seem to paint every child with the same brush (orange paint mostly-yes, the sarcasm is back) but the majority do NOT commit crime, as WE DON’T HAVE THE BLOODY TIME TOO! Instead the majority are shut in their rooms revising for examinations and tests and god knows what else (thank you Michael Gove) whilst the world goes by without them.

Without us.

I hope to God that this is just an off the cuff scheme that will never take off, just like the idea of equality for example, and that more support is provided for the children that do already work hard. We do not need extra hours for work, we need extra hours in the day to catch up on all the work we are already given.

Do you know what I propose? I’ve not had that much time to think it through that thoroughly (what with all my mock exams I haven’t been revising for and all) but I propose that these officials go into schools and colleges themselves and experience first hand what children of today actually go through: the bullying; the pressures of both schools and peers.

I want them to see for themselves exactly what we go through to get where we want to be. I didn’t just sit on my backside all day because I’d finished my work and didn’t have anyone to bum a smoke off. I worked my damned hardest through every minute to make sure that every insult and taunt that came my way, every tear and blood drop I shed would be all worth it in the end.

Seriously, go into one of these schools and get yourself a real education, then tell us what you propose to do next.

6 thoughts on “Hours getting longer, childhood getting shorter.

  1. I can see your upset at this, it’s ridiculous. Life shouldn’t be about work, life is about living. Everything nowadays tells us how wrong it is to want to have free time for ourselves, when really, life’s too short not too! Great, honest post.

  2. I love your playful, thoughtful post. This is what blogs should be like. Just a thought on education. Why can’t it, at two, be all about socialization? Get the children used to being with other kids and don’t worry about teaching them anything more than being nice to each other and a few game rules?

    • Thankyou, I know that was my thought exactly, they don’t think about thins thoroughly enough. They can try and protect children all they want from drugs, crime and sexualisation, but who’s protecting them from the powers of the state?

  3. The proposal is probably made by people who have never taught children in a classroom, or, possibly,even raised one. It makes no sense. The explanation is ridiculous. Education here, in the USA, is in a horrendous muddle. Nobody seems to want to consult the top teachers who know exactly what goes on in the classroom and how children learn. It’s the same old story….the inmates seem to be running the asylum.

    • Hmm, you make an excellent point (Although the American system confuses me, I have to admit. I’ve been around a good eighteen years, watched quite a lot of U.S tv and I still don’t know what a Freshman or a senior etc. is) and I think that the PM and “officials” need to do some true honest research to understand just how much pressure people are already under. Not to mention the cost of implementing such a law.

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