Stress? Stress? STRESS!!!

Slight understatement of the last ten centuries!

My mock exams are next week. Revision is going well. Oh no, no wait, it couldn’t be going worse!

Why?!!? Why do tutors feel that by giving as a pressure filled slot of an hour and half they are giving us a chance to practise for June? Like it makes much difference! Like it actually helps! Like blood won’t come pouring out of our ears due to the sheer pressure that is building!

I’m going to write to the Government!


I’m going to tell them why children of today are considered “Unsocial and rebellious!” Because instead of interacting with actual people, we have our noses pressed firmly against revision materials as if exams were a form of torture and we just have to get out of there as soon as possible.

Yup, i’m going to send it, but before I do, i’m going to excuse myself from the computer and go find a pillow to scream into.



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