Can I see some ID please?

All this talk of freedom reminds me about something I forgot to rant about yesterday.


I popped to the shop yesterday to buy some simple groceries and my mother asked me to pick her up a scratch-card and a lottery ticket. I said “Yeah, sure” secretly thinking I might just get a sneaky one for myself whilst i’m at it.

I got what I needed, went to the counter and asked the girl behind the counter for all of the above. After actually going to get them for me, she then turns to me and asks for identification.

Erm, you have to be 16 to play the lottery, I’m 18!!!

So, being my polite self, I said “Yeah, sure” I went back to the car and came out with my student card (ID that had both my photograph on it and my date of birth).

After all of this, she then told me it wasn’t valid ID and she couldn’t sell me the tickets.



She could clearly see it was me and that I was 2 YEARS! above the legal minimum and yet common sense failed to exercised once again by a girl who didn’t look old enough to play herself.

It just shows that freedom is a myth these days. Health and safety, trading standards, political correctness and such has gone so over-board that an 18 year old cannot buy a scratch-card unless she has her face plastered in make-up and her breasts hanging out; “yup, she’s definitely of age.”

Clearly, despite how much girls of today are mocked, you can only get anywhere in this world if you look the part, regardless of any other circumstances.

So “Yeah, sure.”

The future is bright, the future is orange.

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