Baa Baa Rainbow sheep, have you any sense?


Don’t get me wrong. I stand for equality; for gay rights; for the world to see eachother in an unbiased way; for people to be able to look at another (someone who is different to themselves) and be able to smile because they realise people are unique. That someone shouldn’t be judged by the way they look, how old they are, who they love or whether they have a penis.

But on the other hand, the world has gone mad!

Political correctness is at its peak and some of the things that we have to say now is, well, ridiculous to be frank! Here are just a few (try not to laugh):

1. As you probably guessed from the title, the old nursery rhyme Baa baa black sheep, is now sung as Rainbow sheep in primary schools. If a sheep has black wool then surely it is in fact a black sheep? Is it rainbow because it excretes gold from the end of it?

2. Ginger-bread men are now ginger-bread people. But don’t be mistaken, this is not down to feminism, no, it’s because men complained that women should get eaten too! We do stand for equality after all!

3. People have complained that it’s unfair children in newspapers are publicised as being “lost” (a missing person) which indicates that the parents of the child are to blame: that they somehow neglected their child. Okay, so how would you like them to be described? Last seen on friday, this child is “Temporarily Disorientated.”

4. In Australia 2007, Santa Claus’ were banned from saying Ho Ho Ho, to avoid offending women. Why? Well, apparently they thought all women were Whores.

And, finally…

5. “Brain-storm” is no longer acceptable as it may offend those with epilepsy, instead we must replace it with “thought-shower” which I think is just as offensive to people like my brother who only seem to voluntarily bathe once a year whether they need it or not!

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