Am I weird?

I realised today that my blog is a little weird (I got a slight hint from a comment posted!) but to me that’s okay; I feel like I channel quirky.

Most other blogs seem to have a theme: food, crime, sport. But mine? I suppose it’s just like my not-so-secret diary where I record what I feel and my experiences in everyday life and my blog is as crazy and jumbled up as me.

I wouldn’t change it though.

I have a range of interests and to write things that annoy me in one particular annoying field would just be annoying. I don’t aim to be disgustingly controversial with my posts, nor do I aim to be too obsequious, I just like to highlight things I think are funny, heartbreaking and sometimes just idiotic. Full stop

I like to think i’m a free spirit (cue joke about politics) and my blog will always reflect that.

Aw free spirit. That reminds me of my childhood: the film Spirit.Spirit_Stallion_of_the_Cimarron_Poster If you’ve not seen it, it’s great, you should! It’s nostalgia to the limit!

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