The Last Vow (Might be subtle spoilers!)


There are no words to introduce this article, no description to justify just how incredible the explosive finale of Sherlock season 3 actually was.

The many twists and turns were making me dizzy and at one point in the episode (not going to say when so as not to ruin it for those who’ve not seen it yet) I found myself shouting insults at the character on screen.

There’s been much critique about the series (sadly I admit that I would have loved there to have been more case coverage) and though the show seems to have slightly lost it’s way, the introduction of Magnussen made up for this somewhat.

Charles Augustus Magnussen, “the one that can turn my stomach like no other.”

Erm, not quite.

Yes he was a master blackmailer and made an enemy of every die hard fan when he threatened the lives of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, however in my opinion he was nothing more than a news boss who got too big for his boots.

Unlike Moriarty, he wasn’t that much of a challenge for Holmes, something that this series seemed to have lacked and the issue was not covered in very much detail. The plot was holey at times, giving the episode an aura of being written in a hurry and yet, I found I really enjoyed it anyway (nothing to do with the fact I could stare at Benedict’s face the whole time).

Thankfully, Moffat and Gatiss took pity on us all by failing to leave the series on a cliffhanger. Instead, we were given a very bitter-sweet taste of what is to come and believe me…

…it’s going to be a treat!

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