I am…SHER…locked

After exploding onto our screens in 2010 with three action-packed, thought-provoking episodes, Sherlock was one epidemic the world eagerly embraced. Packed with heart wrenching story lines and so many twists and turns you’d think you were riding a helter skelter, the show went on to win 17 awards in total; the talented (and most beautiful) Benedict Cumberbatch has been nominated for Best Television Detective for this years National Television Awards.

The 1st of January 2014 welcomed the start of season 3, opening with the revelation of how the great sleuth faked his own death; the episode even featured illusionist Derren Brown (shudder).

This season (which I have to point out has been mind-blowingly brilliant) however has been met by criticism by fans for being: more satire, less crime.

One example of this being a ridiculous theory (featured in the episode) that Sherlock faked his death with the help of Moriarty as they were madly in love with each other and the writer loved us enough to make them lean in for a kiss (all us fan-girls around the world gasped in unison. Thank-you Mark Gatiss!)

I have to say, though I agree, the change has been quite refreshing. It’s given the series a new lease of life and set up the series well, ready for the final episode The Last Vow, which introduces the new evil mastermind: Charles Augustus Magnussen (very ominous).

The acting on the show has been as brilliant as ever (with a cameo appearance from Benedict’s parents!) and, for me, more touching than funny. This season we really got to witness the relationship between Holmes and Watson and how much the seemingly heartless detective actually values their friendship. The Sign of Three demonstrated the pairs shared qualities of being caring, loving and that both of them are indeed lightweights when it comes to alcohol consumption.

And…sadly…after two years of agonisingly waiting for Sherlock’s return, it all ends again on Sunday night (excuse me, as I find my tissues).

Alas, the sharp, quick-witted consulting detective will not grace our screens until at least midway through next year and I am sure that both the male and significantly female fan-base will be waiting unconditionally with baited breath.

I do admit to screaming in delight as it was revealed on twitter that there would most definitely be a series 4 and the script for series 5 is already in production.

On behalf of all devoted fans out there, to Benedict, Martin, Mark and Steven we thank-you for bringing Sherlock into our lives because, to our survival, the show is most elementary!

P.S. I wanted to leave the fan girls with a parting thought. There are 3 men that we tend to fan girl over most: Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and Tom Hiddleston (not in Sherlock but still…hmmm….) and if you split their names:

Martin FREEman

Benedict CUmberbatch

Tom hiDDLESton

(Free Cuddles)


Just Saying!

3 thoughts on “I am…SHER…locked

  1. I’m going to wait for the DVDs for series 3 (Amazon.co.uk promised that it would arrive on January 22), so I didn’t really read your posting since I don’t want to read any spoilers. What did catch my eye, though, was the last part with the “free cuddles” – I like that! Especially since I also ADORE Tom Hiddleston! Can’t wait for January 30, when I’ll see him on stage in “Coriolanus” (live but unfortunately only via satellite in my local cinema)!
    Thanks, by the way, for following my blog! 🙂

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