I Detect an Award on the Way

After reviewing my blog with a fine toothed comb (needed for sharp detail as you miss things with an ordinary comb, especially after a sneaky glass of vodka and orange-yum) I realised that, despite my whole life being dedicated to him and the reference to him on my about page, I haven’t yet blogged about the beauty that is Benedict Cumberbatch.


Fan-girling once more overhis work and awesomeness in general, our lovely Sherlock has been nominated for Best Television Detective in the National Television Awards.

Safe to say, I voted quite a number of times (and I have the blisters to show for it).

In all seriousness. his fans (mostly Cumberbitches, though he himself despises this nickname- Damn Feminism!) willmost definitely be voting for Benedict, who is up against Broadchurch’s: David Tennant and Luther’s: Idris Elba.

If the disgraceful and heart-wrenchingoutcome occurs that Benedict doesn’t win (sob, sob), his modest, humble, beautiful, intelligent and strangely otter-like self will be undeniably gracious in the loss.

To the Cumberbitches however, Benedict (please pardon the profanity, for the sexism is dedicated with much love) you will always win our hearts. Not just for the physicalities and charity work, but for being you (and for being Sherlock, but thats every two years and I can’t quite forgive you for making us wait that long for each new series).

Wishes of good luck; fingers, toes and eyes all crossed thathe wins!

2 thoughts on “I Detect an Award on the Way

  1. Ooh, tough choice… I do think Benedict Cumberbatch is one of THE most talented actors of our times and am truly SHER-locked – but I do also love Idris Elba (please note the spelling of his last name 😉 ) in “Luther”… I’m pretty sure, though, that Benedict has the bigger and probably crazier (in the best possible way ;)) female fan base, so he’s surely win anyhow. 🙂

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