My morning in the Oven.

“The weather was miserable, the heating in the house can only be turned on upstairs (I was too lazy to make the journey) and the television remote was nowhere to be found, so consequently the T.V. was stuck on Geordie Shore (shudder).

Thus, I desperately needed something to occupy my time. I considered doing something productive, the cleaning for instance and then I thought better of it.

My sister would be home from the dentist soon and I thought it would be hilarious to scare her. That’s when I came up with the idea: I could hide in the oven and jump out when she walked through the kitchen. Plus, I would be quite warm in there.

As you probably suspect, this did not exactly go to plan.

It turns out that as I climbed in, i’d accidentally turned the dial and, subsequently, the gas on. When my sister got home, I achieved my ultimate goal (to scare her witless) however instead of jumping out dramatically, I was later told i’d flopped out in a state of delirious confusion, closely followed by unconsciousness. 

As you can see, this is clearly a prank gone wrong that will need quite a number of years to mentally heal.”

The patient seems delusional and appears to have fabricated an elaborate scenario to explain what happened. Yesterday morning an imbecilic man in Australia appeared in the newspapers for trying to play hide and seek in a washing machine. Is this where she got the idea for this far-fetched tale?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep patient on suicide watch for the next two weeks. Ensure she has no access to the kitchen, particularly any gas fuelled appliance.

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