The rich just keep on getting richer…

The economy is collapsing, Britain is in recession and our government has come up with an ingenious solution to make it all right again:


Why bother with the next election? The current party are doing such a tremendous job…


There are people starving in barely furnished flats, the homeless are freezing to death under thin blankets on the streets, parents are struggling to pay the bills, buy food and clothes and save for sky high tuition fees (thank you Mr Gove). What ever shall we do?

I know.

Let’s raise the taxes!

Yes, that will work.

Let us waste money on the rich and tax the poorer for our trouble. If ever there was an argument for elitism, Britain would be the poster child.

Recently, Russell Brand partook in an interview with Jeremy Paxman and despite fluffing up his ideas with polysyllabic jargon and sarcastic remarks, Brand genuinely had some interesting (and factually accurate) opinions.

At one point, he highlighted the fact that most of us who may visit government will feel uncomfortable in the opulent surroundings and the rest would look around and think “yes, this is how it should be.”

Things have to change.

Britain is not and should not be a state where the rich shall prosper and the poorer shall perish. We are an unequal society and the majority of the population are the less well off with the least power.

\We are supposedly a democratic state; this is not a dictatorship (the way things are going however, I feel impelled to add: yet…)!

Brand called for a revolution, an inevitable phenomenon whereby, we shall rise up and not only voice our opinions but be heard and we WILL make them listen. This is not something many will admit to feeling but they will most likely have imagined it at some point.

An idea that one day, our country will live up to the reputation of divergence and equality that it is currently failing to uphold.

And, I have to say, I agree.

It is time that as a British citizen, I want to feel valued by the powers that govern me. To not let them run amok and redefine the very foundations that built our empire, as a travesty.

I want to go to university, I want to have a career but I refuse to do so by spending and receiving money stained with lies and deceit.

Surely, the intelligence of our government can clearly see the unjustness that raising Mp’s wages will manifest.

A serious rethink needs to take place.

The people are the one’s who make this country great and those who represent this great nation are only put in power by the people who elect them.

They owe us more than they realise and right now…

…I would call for Russell Brand to be Prime Minister any day.

4 thoughts on “The rich just keep on getting richer…

  1. Great post! I love this: “I want to go to university, I want to have a career but I refuse to do so by spending and receiving money stained with lies and deceit.” Also, I love Russelll Brand and think he’d make a fab leader, he makes good sense. 🙂

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