NHS- National Homicide Service


What strikes me most about the issues facing this country’s health service is the inability to address the issue of their own incompetence, throughout most hospitals in the U.K.

Their budget has been stretched, wards understaffed and the workers they do have are making fatal and unforgivable mistakes due to being forced to work laborious hours.

Only a few weeks ago, a story was released to the press involving a baby being placed in cupboard by a nurse for crying. Well, if i was that baby, in the care of governmental services , i’d probably be crying too.

Only today, its been released that poor midwifery has led to a baby called “Chester” dying of oxygen deprivation mere hours apart, from his mother dying after labour.

In China, a baby who was pronounced dead at birth, only to be saved after almost being cremated alive. It was only when the baby cried, did anyone realise that it’s heart was still strongly beating.

This suggests that the issue is a world wide one, and though we don’t expect staff to get everything  right all of the time, we expect that our family will be safe in the hands of so called professionals.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

I appreciate the work they do and that it’s not all places/people that cause these awful things to happen, however if these individual cases aren’t addressed now, then when the problem reaches a tremendous scale, it will be all we can do to keep our head above the water of an ever rising tide.

In the U.K, people are given the wrong information, denied access to medicine, forced to wait 5 hours in crowded waiting rooms until they’re finally seen by a doctor who- due to the ward being understaffed- sprints from room to room to see 7 patients at once.

This isn’t good enough.

As stated in one of my other blogs, the pay rises that are being given to MP’s are ridiculous. The tax payer should be being provided for by the government, not the other way around.

The government need to realise that the “social contract” we enter as a nation, state to citizen, is not a one way street where the wounded lie in the streets for the rich to use as a red carpet.

They need to filter out all the wasted expense and funnel the money into improving services already in place: not to build billion pound railways from one end of the country to the other; not to provide councils, in Blackpool (my home town) for instance, with money for them to piss away on statues and ornaments for the promenade; not to spend on benefits for people who cheat the system.

The NHS can only be pushed so far and sooner or later it will inevitably snap.

I just hope we are all ready for the repercussions.

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