Little Maddy

6 Years ago, one family’s world was shredded to pieces when their daughter Madeleine McCann went missing, whilst holidaying in Portugal.

The media coverage that was given to this case was phenomenal and despite efforts from the police and general public alike, the little girl that the nation came to know so well has not yet been found.

But that may be about to change.

A new witness has just come forward saying he saw the child alive only days ago, consequently launching a new inquiry into the disappearance of the missing girl.

Whilst this is good news for the family and detectives working the case, what I question is why so many headlines were dedicated to this particular family.

Over the years, many children and family members alike have gone missing from their homes and missing from the streets, with very little effort from the media to find them. Their stories have gone untold and I question why?

Is it fair that the McCann family have more of a chance to find their girl than others? Is it just that other families have lost all hope when others have so much? And is it fair that they have to read the headlines everyday knowing their child got a short paragraph in the back of the newspaper at the most?

Of course it’s not fair. But the world is an unfair place and the sad reality is that this isn’t about the McCann’s. This isn’t even about the police. This is about how we need to be aware of others around and not concentrate on the events that took place all those years ago.

We must look to the future and cross our fingers that little Maddy and those other missing children around the U.K will one day be found and have their stories told.

Stories that will not just be heard, but ones that will be listened to attentively.


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