A load of Bull!

Bull running is a “traditional” festival most often practised in Spanish cultures. The bull is set free at one end of a street and herds of people run from the bull in rather a hasty fashion.

This disgustingly horrific sport has led to a mother being gored to death only this morning, whilst an equally terrified and distressed animal is tormented for public amusement.

What most people fail to remember is that the bull is a valuable life just like the rest of us and after it has  performed its rampage of fear, it’s then mercilessly slaughtered by the festival goers.

This “Sporting event” is one of many that regions such as Spain still partake in. A “Sport” that has been neglected by animal rights protesters and religious groups alike, for way too long.

Blood is split in many arenas in the presence of people watching Bull fighting as a form of entertainment; these people do however deny the label of bull fighting being a Blood Sport and instead have the impertinence to call it: Fine Art.

Well, if torture is art then why not volunteer to be the Bulls main model, keep still and he will surely find the right medium to paint with.

We cannot allow this to continue. The woman who died this morning was not the only life to be lost today, however she was one who consented to the risk.

Animals can feel just as humans can and if it were a person who was put in a street or an arena, the hosts and audience would be likened to the barbarian gladiators of Ancient Rome.


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